Top quality, accurately calibrated reconditioned Lucas distributors

Distributor Doctor offers “Reconstructive Surgery” for worn and inaccurate Lucas distributors. Re-building, re-conditioning and re-curving are all catered for either to “Clinically Accurate” original factory specifications, or modified to suit developed engines.

Please be aware that the marketplace is flooded with low grade reproduction copies of the original UK Lucas distributors which cost $7.50 in batches of 500.

In most cases, neither the advance curves nor vacuum characteristics bear any relevance to the vehicles they are claimed to be suitable for. They are potentially very detrimental to the health, performance and longevity of your engine.

We work only on 'pukka' UK made Lucas distributors and produce a top quality, accurate, long lasting distributor at a fair price.

We supply:

"better than new"!

  • All Lucas distributors from the 1930's up to the late 1970's
  • Complete rebuild, reconditioning and re-curving,
  • All worn parts replaced
  • Calibration to extremely close tolerance, usually
  • Three year guarantee.

Find out more about the process, or contact us to speak with Martin Jay about your distributor or ignition requirements.

Following the success of the black, counterbalanced rotor arms, we’ve gone a step further & made an improved product. Distributor Doctor is pleased to announce the arrival of some ESSENTIAL MEDICATIONfor tens of thousands of British car owners. - RELIABLE RED ROTOR ARMS


Distributor Doctor advert Nov 2020