Pertronix cylindrical ignition coils

We stock the full range of Pertronix cylindrical coils, 0.6 ohm, 1.5 ohm, 3.0 ohm in oil & resin filled versions & two finishes, black or polished aluminium.

These are all push in King lead connection.

Please enquire for prices, applications & specifications.


Lucas sports coil, 45066 HA12, 45058 SA12Lucas sports ignition coils

We now have a top quality 12 volt coil made by LUCAS in India with a screw in King Lead connection and 3 Ohms primary resistance.

Proper shiny brown Bakelite tower, marked LUCAS & Positive & Negative symbols, with male threads , nuts & washers to accept either 2BA ring terminals or Lucas blades.

It's a Sports coil equivalent to the old Lucas 45066 HA12, and 45058 SA12. Gold anodised finish, oil filled & complete with clamp as it's 55mm diameter, the same as the original Sports coils.