Just Introduced parts now available


  • Delco 829111,829107,1861709,1866049,18655972, 1869704,1882239, Lucas 54420868, DCB703, UNIPART, GSC104Due to long term pleading from  Triumph & Rolls/Bentley owners , we've departed from our "Lucas only" stance and made a top quality resin potted condenser to suit all the Delco condenser equipped smaller engined Triumphs, many Rolls/Bentley/Bristol applications and a myriad of 1940's and 1950's cars too.
    The Delco condenser numbers are: 829111,829107,1861709,1866049,18655972, 1869704,1882239.
    Lucas numbers: 54420868, DCB703, UNIPART, GSC104.

  • Lucas condenser 5441082318D2 distributor condenser, top quality properly manufactured by us.
    Lucas number 54410823. Fits most British twins of the 1960's.

Austin 7 drive gears

  • Austin 7 distributor drive gears 15 tooth, to suit DJ4, DJ4A & DK4AAustin 7 distributor drive gears 15 tooth, to suit DJ4, DJ4A & DK4A.

    Supplied ready to fit with the correct thickness Tufnol thrust washer & Mills pin.

    Remanufactured to original specifications & tolerances on the most modern machinery in existence.

    All made in the UK.£22.50 + VAT. Trade enquiries welcome.

Coming soon Austin 7 new distributors

  • DK4ABrand new DK4A distributors, ally bodies, new shafts, cams & weights, baseplates, gears,  all new, will be available in a number of different advance figures & both rotations.
    Currently being exhaustively tested on my A7 special. Expecting to be ready for release November 2016.

MG TA distributor drive gears

  • MG TA distributor drive gearMG TA distributor drive gears, 11 tooth , different from all the later T series.
    Supplied with Tufnol washer & Mills pin, ready to fit.