Lucas distributor vacuum units

Large stocks of original new Lucas distributor vacuum units to suit: DM2, 25D, 22D, 43D, 45D.

Sold by application or by "grading" e.g. 2-6-3, starting to work @ 2" of Mercury vacuum, finishing @ 6" of Mercury , & yielding 3 degrees of distributor advance.

If it's not possible to supply exactly the original rating, we can generally provide a suitable alternative, which is often more appropriate to todays lower octane fuels.

All Lucas distributor vacuum unit types can also be reconditioned , even the early hexagonal tower types.


Austin Healey vacuum advance units

Austin Healey 100 / 6 & 3000 new vacuum advance units, made in the UK
Original Lucas part number 54412033, rated 5-12-8, also known as 421189, to suit the following DM6 distributors: 40662A, 40662B, 40662C, 40662D, 40532A, 40581A
Also fitted to Morris Isis & Princess IV, 40580, 40581, 40635, 40665, Humber Imperial, Super Snipe, 40401, various Austin/ Morris commercials, 2, 3, 4 & 5 ton, 40442, 40472 .


MGBGT V8 vacuum advance units

Part number 54424497, 5-17-8 rating.
Made in the UK to correct original specification.


Land Rover Series One Vacuum Advance Units

Land Rover Series One Vacuum Advance Units, 1948 -1959 , 2.0 litre, all models using the DM2 distributor 40504.
Lucas number 54411727, rated @ 7-18-12.   These have been unavailable for decades, most Series One distributors I see have dud units fitted, causing a lack of performance & dreadful fuel consumption. 
Made in the UK on original tooling. 
Also used on Morgan Plus Four, Swallow Doretti, Vanguard, Renown using DM2 number 40479 & Austin Healey 100 & Austin A90 using DM2 40495.


Rebuilt vacuum units

Rebuilt vacuum units, for most Lucas models in stock, replated & new diaphragms suitable for modern fuel, exchange system, old unit required first in most cases.