Top quality rotor arms

  • M1787/3 Rotor arm M1787/3 Rotor arm.
    Fitted to the following Lucas distributors of the late 1920's and early 1930's.
    D41, D61,D61A, D62, D63A, DS2, DS4, DS6 & DS6A.
  • Rotor arm M2799/3M2799 / 3 7/32" Electrode projection fits D6A, DB6A, DE6, DE6A, DE6A, DF6A, DL6A, DQ6A, DQL6A, all vertical exit distributor caps / HT leads.
    Used on many early 1930's 6 cylinder cars & trucks.Rotor arm M2799 / 3
  • Rotor arm M2799 / 4M2799 / 4 1/8" Electrode projection, used on DEH6A, DFH6, DFH6A, DQH6A,
    all Horizontal exit distributor caps / HT leads.
    Part number M1190 Fitted to MGJ1, MGJ2, MG K TYPE, MG L TYPE, MG N TYPE, MG KN TYPES.
  • Rotor arm M2799 / 4
  • 401122 , rotor arm for DJ4 / DJ4A / DJ6 / DJ6A Part number 401122, rotor arm for DJ4/DJ4A/DJ6/DJ6A, symmetrical brass blade, we also stock the rotation specific ones 400822 & 400823.


We have recently used up all our original 'proper' LUCAS stocks for both types of V8 rotor arms.

I had always intended making them in RED to match the rest of our range but others have misguidedly stepped in. 

However, they didn't realise that there are two distinct types of V8 rotor. 
The dimensions are quite different and they've made just one type, which is a halfway house between the two and doesn't work very well for either application.

So I've made the two types  in black to OE specifications identifiable with a big "DD" on the upper face.

We are using a USA made Thermoset Polyester moulding material as used by General Motors for their rotors so I'm totally confident we shall have no dramas even on the hottest TVR track cars.

I have also changed my supplier and I'm totally confident that for once, my tooling will remain for my exclusive use.

I'm giving them a 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects, even if you're racing.

We thus have:

  • V8 rotor arm 54422044 / DRB113 / DRB139 / 5441908254422044 / DRB113 / DRB139 / 54419082

    It's the wider one with an under-hang at the back.
    This fits all 35D8's original UK Lucas points distributors.
    Stags, Landrover V8, Range Rover V8, Rover P5B, Aston Martin, Morgan, Rolls Royce and Bentley.

  • V8 rotor arm 54401050 / 54424762 /  DRB19554401050 / 54424762 / DRB195

    This is the slimmer one with no under-hang at the back.
    This fits all 35DE8, 35DLM8,UK Lucas original electronic distributors.
    Landrover V8, Range Rover V8, Aston Martin V8, TVR, Rolls Royce and Bentley.