Top quality rotor arms

  • Rotor arm M2799/3M2799/3 7/32" Electrode projection fits D6A, DB6A, DE6, DE6A, DE6A, DF6A, DL6A, DQ6A, DQL6A, all vertical exit distributor caps / HT leads.
    Used on many early 1930's 6 cylinder cars & trucks.Rotor arm M2799/3
  • Rotor arm M2799/4M2799/4 1/8" Electrode projection, used on DEH6A, DFH6, DFH6A, DQH6A,
    all Horizontal exit distributor caps / HT leads.
    Part number M1190 Fitted to MGJ1, MGJ2, MG K TYPE, MG L TYPE, MG N TYPE, MG KN TYPES.
  • Rotor arm M2799/4
  • 401122 , rotor arm for DJ4/DJ4A/DJ6/DJ6A Part number 401122, rotor arm for DJ4/DJ4A/DJ6/DJ6A, symmetrical brass blade, we also stock the rotation specific ones 400822 & 400823.