The Distributor Doctor process

Initially please contact us and speak with Martin to confirm your requirements.

1 Each distributor is individually stripped out and every component inspected and chemically cleaned prior to glass-bead blasting.
2 All ferrous internals are bright zinc-plated and the distributor is reassembled with new bushes and seals.

The distributor is painstakingly calibrated on a bench tester to the required specification.

This often takes considerable time and can only be achieved by small incremental changes to spring lengths and rates.

As each distributor is built on an individual basis, it is often possible to calibrate them with surgical accuracy to much closer tolerances than could be achieved in the original factory mass production environment.


The finished distributor is supplied ready to fit; complete with new points, condenser, low-tension connector, high quality rotor arm and cap, and a detailed graph plotting the exact curve of the individual distributor.

All units are guaranteed for three years.



You can 'pre-book' slots 6 weeks forward to minimise your time with an immobile vehicle.