New Lucas Distributors

  • 23D423D4New 23D4 Competition Distributors now available, for A Series 40819, 40979, MGA Twin Cam 40718, Ford Lotus Twin Cam 40953, 41189, Hillman, Holbay & many others.
    Unlike all other versions available, these are machined in the UK, & built up with all original UK Lucas internals, including a full length bronze bush for linearity & longevity. All the other versions we've seen have random curves, loose bearings before they've even been run & intolerable dwell variation & timing scatter.
    We can accurately calibrate them to any specification required & supply them with a graph. We use our 32oz points, yellow condensers, red rotors & new baseplates.
    We can make 4 or 6 cylinders in Clockwise or Anticlockwise rotation, offset D drive or Ford/Lotus helical gear. We can stamp & date them to any specification required.