Lucas distributor cap clips

We have re-made three different Lucas distributor cap clips which together cover the majority of Lucas distributors from the 1930's to the mid 1950's.

They have been unavailable for decades.

They are made in the heart of the Black Country by a company who have been trading for 118 years and are an original supplier to Lucas.

Traditional methods of manufacture are used with the latest equipment & quality control techniques. The material is to original specification, hardened & tempered & chemically blacked.

Please refer to the picture to see the effective pinch dimension.

  • Early DJ4 & DJ6 cap clipEarly DJ4 & DJ6 cap clips, these are for the manual advance distributors without centrifugal advance.
    Single layer units with no weights.
    3/4" gap between the pinch.
  • Lucas distributor cap clip DD420261Part number DD420261, 46.5 MM, was previously 410591 fits: DK,DJ,DKH4,DKY4A,DKYH4A,DX,DY,DZ, and others.
  • Lucas distributor cap clip DD425765Part number DD425765, 62MM,was previously 403611, fits:
    DULHF8,DU8,DM6.DMB6,DMZ6, DM2P4 & others
  • Lucas distributor cap clip DD420262Part number DD420262, 65MM, fits:
    D3A, D4A,DVZ,DVX & others.
  • Lucas distributor cap clip 22D6 JaguarWe also keep the more modern distributor cap clips.
    Part numbers DM2, 22D, 23D, 25D, 35D, 43D, 44D, 45D & 421284.
  • Lucas distributor cap, DM2, early 23D, 23DPart number 421284.
  • Distributor cap clips 45D, 59D45D & 59D Cap clip kits , including clips, retaining clips, baseplate earth wire, Imperial & Metric contacts screws & washers.